Cleaning Up For Cash – Getting In The Construction Cleaning Craze

Cleaning is a great business with unlimited potential. Things are constantly getting dirty so you have job security, there’s a multitude of people who would rather pay you to clean than do it themselves, anyone can learn the trade, and if you have the incentive, you can really rake in the dough.However, as you investigate further, there are various types of cleaning. Some include housekeeping, make ready services, janitorial, window washing and construction cleaning. But in my years of experience (and experiments) I have stayed with my personal favorite (and the one that has delivered the most dough) — construction cleaning.Here are the top 8 reasons I think construction cleaning may be the gold mine you’ve been looking for:1) Billions of dollars are spent in the building industry each year. That means buildings and homes are going up all the time. When those contractors are ready to wrap it up and hand it over to the new owner, they have to get it cleaned and that’s where you and I come in. We make everybody look good.2) There’s a huge variety of projects constantly going up, which gives you the opportunity to start small and work your way up. You might find you like cleaning restaurants, and that might become your niche. We’ve cleaned several restaurants and we discovered, it’s just not what “floats our boat.” But it’s a great way to make a chunk of money over the weekend.3) You can gain experience quickly in construction cleaning. So, you get to start with every advantage the bigger companies have. Because the work is so similar from project to project, and job to job, you’ll be able to catch on quickly if you’re just getting started. You just need to work and stick with it while you learn the ropes.4) Really, in the world of Construction Cleaning, your persistence and patience mean more than your know-how. Plus, a pleasant personality is a real plus. Contractors would rather work with someone who is accommodating (but not a push-over) than a cheap sub contractor with an attitude. Flexibility is a must in this business because construction schedules never go as planned.5) Compared to other cleaning trades, Construction Cleaning requires a smaller investment for equipment. You might even be able to start your first job with just a shop vac, vacuum, bottle of vinegar, a bucket and a squeegee. We’ll go into more detail about the equipment and what it does in a later issue.6) You can even get by doing all the cleaning yourself or with another person. Of course you want to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, but if you’re in a bind call on someone in your family or friend network. If you can’t find anyone there, you can always order some extra hands through a temp service in your area.7) The greatest benefit of Construction Cleaning vs. any other type of cleaning is what we call, “clean dirt.” Everything is new and it’s going to be pretty easy for you to clean it up. Subs (subcontractors) are great at making messes, and it doesn’t take back-breaking work to make everything SHINE.8) And the best part is, when you do a good job for a contractor they will call YOU again when they need a project cleaned. You may have to bid for the job, but the work will come to you and pay you time and again. And that is what it’s all about!So if you’re interested in joining the ranks of the happily, self-employed, check out construction cleaning. You may just find you can really clean up!